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2018 North American Nationals

Feistan appointment


Please bring loose fitting clothes, preferably a skirt and a loose fitting t-shirt with you to your appointment to change into after your session. Hotel management requires that all dancers are "covered up" after their tanning session. Feistan will have disposable robes on site for purchase.

 Feistan spray tan appointments should be booked for between 12 and 72 hours prior to your scheduled competition.

It is better to get tanned earlier rather then later.

It is better to leave the bronzer on as long as possible before showering it off.

If you are dancing in teams and wearing tights before your solo competition, please make your appointment at least 12 hours before teams.

Do Not use any home tanner 10 days prior to your Feistan spray tan.

Feistan At Home is OK to use up to 1 day before.

Before and After Care Tanning Instructions

There are no refunds for canceled appointments

Injured dancers & dancers not attending the event should contact Feistan.